Images of Babies Before Birth

All images provided by Jeanette Burlbaw at Prenatal Imaging Centers

The Wonder Within You features a gallery of photographs, many featured here, that shed light on the many things that occur from the moment of fertilization to birth.

Baby images Varying Emotions

The evidence that unborn babies are experiencing emotions while in the womb has only recently been recognized. Look at these two babies (at left). The first image captures a baby's wide smile. It almost looks like the beginning of a big belly laugh. The second shows a baby who seems a little frustrated.

Baby images First looks

What a beautiful image! Babies usually open their eyes around 25 weeks. This little girl (at right) is looking around the inside of her nine month home, exercising the nerves in her eyes and muscles in her eyelids. Look at the detail in this baby's eyebrow. When babies are born, they see in black and white and can only focus on objects that are a few inches in front of their face.

Baby images Getting ready to eat

This baby (at left) is just a few weeks from birth. See the rolls of fat around baby's wrist? Space is getting tight. Lots of babies suck on their hands and fingers and even the umbilical cord. The action helps develop their sucking reflex so babies are ready to eat when they are born.

Baby images Habits form early

Pick me! Babies spend a lot of time rubbing their faces, ears and eyes or sticking their pinkie up their nose.Watch out. Some of the habits they develop in utero stick with them long after they are born.

Baby images A big yawn

This yawn is almost contagious. It's also rather unexplainable.Scientists are still trying to figure out why a baby would yawn in an environment that contains no air.

Baby images Twin babies - different emotions

The happy sad twinsies (at right). It is often a challenge to image multiples babies at once. The older they get the more difficult it is. These boy-girl twins have opposite reactions to their sonography session. Baby boy is all smiles and baby girl looks like she is about to burst into tears. Just another example of how two totally different personalities can come from the same environment and gene pool.