Using digital codes or qr codes

Readers of The Wonder Within You can use digital codes or qr codes to access special video content that is meant to accompany the book. Here are our instructions for using the codes in order to view our baby videos:

Hey, if you aren't accessing the digital codes inside each chapter of The Wonder Within You, you are missing out on some sweet baby videos! If you have never scanned a QR (quick-response) code, never fear. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Download a free app on your phone or tablet. Just search "free QR code reader".
2. Hold your phone or tablet over the squiggly digital box until it comes into focus and beeps.
3. Click on the website and you will be directed to the video for the appropriate week.

And don't sweat it if you don't have a smartphone or tablet. Just enter the link beneath the QR code into your computer browser. It will take you to the same videos.

Or, download the enhanced e-book version of The Wonder Within You. The videos are all embedded. Hope you enjoy the amazing videos provided by the mamas at Prenatal Imaging Centers in Kansas City!